As LucasArts was dissolved after the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, a lot has changed in the world of Star Wars Games. The good news is that most of those games have been made readily available on Amazon or sites like eBay both new and used as hardcopy CD/DVDs and many great titles have had digital comebacks in the Steam Library and on (Good 'ol Games). Until recently Star Wars Rebellion was only available on Amazon and other online stores as a used CD that was only compatible with up to and including Windows XP.

The very exciting news is that has released a digital (DRM-free) version of Star Wars Rebellion (the code is exactly the same and has not been altered) but in a compatible medium that allows gameplay on all current versions of Windows for $5.99 at This release comes along with many other great original LucasArts Star Wars titles. For other great original Star Wars titles search "Star Wars" on