Over time, we have seen staff come and go in our community, and some come back again. We would like to recognize as many staff members as we can and their history.

Evaders99 - Main Webmaster
All-around manager of things on the site. Started at the beginning of SWR. He likes to relax and have fun, but often it is work that keeps him busy. He finds time to program when he can, doing whatever code that satisfies him. Of course, he is the writer of these articles, and just keeps things rolling.

Ryan - Managing Director
Supervises SWR staff, oversees organization finances and makes sure our bills are paid. Maintains constant contact with staff, "customers" as well as interested parties of the server status and news. Oversees server upgrades and software upgrades. Acts as intermediary between the various domain registrars that allow us to offer full discounts to our friends and family. Oversees network security and manages associated organization domain names and virtual servers, DNS administration, e-mail service administration, etc.Fills in for Stratus when needed.

Stratus - Technical Director
Directs the site's technical needs, from monitoring the server to maintaining connections with our webhost company. He makes sure the site can get the resources it needs to run. He helped with SWR.NET and joined us from his former site, Centerpoint Station.

JediIgor - Administrator
Pays the bills for this site to be hosted. A member of the SWR community for a long time, helped us with SWR.NET and joined us from his former site, Centerpoint Station.

EvilleJedi - Administrator
The source has returned - he is the creator of this initial incarnation of this site. And now he is the main creator of the Warlords mod for Homeworld 2.

ElvisMiggell - Forums Moderator
Asked to become a moderator after he reached 2000 posts. Takes care of the Rebellion and RebED section of the forums. Quite a while ago, he went in search for the Dark Mysteries of Lost Lemuria and Ancient Mu. He hasn't been seen ever since.

Scathane - Assistant Webmaster
He handles the submissions, links, encyclopedia, and other things that are maintained by phpNuke. Moderates the Rebellion and RebED sections of the forums as well. He's also CMO at Hutt Illustrated.

Trejiuvanat - Assistant Webmaster
Became an Assistant Webmaster after his own 2000 posts. This one and only Yuuzhan Vong member of SWR looks after the Encyclopedia ans FAQ's mostly. Creative Director at Hutt Illustrated.